GSoC-2016 Journey (In brief)

Three months of coding is about to end.It has officially begun on May 23rd and we are getting near to the final submission deadline on August 15th.

You can checkout my Debian wiki page to know more about myself.

I have worked on improving voice, video and chat communication (Real Time Communication) with free software, one of the RTC project for Debian.

My mentors are Iain.R.Learmonth and Daniel Pocock.Both of them were dedicative and I could learn many new things from them within these three months.I have contacted my mentors through personal mail, Debian outreach mailing lists and IRC(#debian-data and #debian-soc). They were very responsive to my queries. Thank you Iain and Daniel for improving and enlightening me.

My initial task is e-mail mining. I have to allow the client to login to the mail using IMAP, extracts the “To”, “From” and “CC” headers of every email message in the folder and then scan for the phone numbers, SIP addresses, XMPP addresses in the body  of the message.These extracted details should be written in the CSV file also.The extracted phone numbers, SIP addresses,  XMPP addresses and ham call signs should be made into a click able link using Flask.

I have also attended DebConf-16 (conference of Debian developers, contributors and users) in Cape Town in the middle of three months (Form July 2nd to July 9th).I gave a talk on my progressing GSoC project.I have learnt many new things about Debian, their projects and their packages apart form my GSoC project.I have  met Debian developers, contribuors and some of the fellow GSoC students.

I have written previous blog posts related to GSoC-2016 in the following links.

GSoC-Journey till Mid term

Weekly Report for GSoC16-week 1 and week2

Weekly Report for GSoC16-Community bonding period

Weekly reports sent to Debian-outreach list.

Email-Mining is the repository I have created on GitHub to work on my project.

I have divided the tasks and coded individually to combine together.Snippet folder in the file contains the code for each tasks.

Following are the commits I have made in the repository.

My tasks have been extended to add a gravatar on the page listing details for each email address, maintain a counter for each hour of the day in the scraper for each mail, show a list of other people that have been involved in email conversations and make the contact information on the detail pages machine readable.

My mentor suggested me to work on at least three issues before final submission.I have worked on each of them individually in the snippet folder except the last one.I will be working on it after GSoC.

Five issues were created by mentor and almost four of them are completed.After the completion of making web interface machine readable, it will be included into the Debian packages. script contains the final code which combines all snippets into one.

This is the abstract of what I have done within these three months.

It was an amazing and thrilling coding ride.

Stay tuned for the elaborated blog posts with DebConf experience and many more.




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